My Law of Love

What is love? Love is a law that governs the success of all types of relationships, but as with any law, it’s open to universal personal interpretation. This law is not predictable, but it is a law that is based solely upon your most abyssal instincts, which means that you, and only you, can define your own intrinsic perception of love. You may be wondering why I defined it as a law, if it is not predictable. Well I’m not talking about the Law of Supply and Demand. Love is a law, because it is a personal rule. However you choose to define love, will determine how you govern every aspect of your life.

My love is strong, true, and only survives on the essence of freedom. My love is a verb.

Its strength comes from the reflection of my own self-worth. The more I come to understand how to love myself, the stronger my ability to love others becomes. The more I come to accept all my flaws, the easier it is to accept others’ flaws. I have a stronger sense of empathy, because I have learned to understand the importance of my own feelings. I have a stronger sense of devotion, because I have learned what it means to be completely committed to myself. 

Its truth comes from a sense of respect. This means the consideration and courtesy to reveal my most authentic self not only to those around me, but to myself. When I put on a fake performance, I am a liar and a fraud. For what? Maybe because I am scared of what others will think of me, or maybe because I don’t actually like me. Why? Why do I need the validation? What don’t I like about myself? Why am I so scared of who I actually am that I have to hide? Because others around will judge? Because I have to be alone to find myself? Man up. Face yourself, and just be. The truth has a tendency to reveal itself no matter what, and the longer it has to wait, the more it will eat away at your spirit. 

My love’s survival depends on my ability to have freedom within myself and the freedom to be myself around others. It comes with the realization that I don’t need anyone, because I’m okay with being alone with myself. People in my life will come and go, but at the end of the day the only true constant is me. Placing a restraint on others because you need them tends to have the opposite effect. A true loving relationship comes with the understanding that you don’t need each other. Individualism must exist. You respect their desires, even if it were to come to them leaving you. It’s a suicide mission to try and be someone you’re not, and it’s utter murder when you try to force someone else to be who they’re not. Why is this unconditional love so important? Because it’s a core value attached to the life of the free, the happy.   

Love is a verb. You can throw the word around and define it as many times as you want, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you act truthfully upon your definition. If words and actions do not calibrate, there is a misalignment in your belief system. Only when you have wholeheartedly embraced your interpretation, will there be an equal amount of effort from both your body and your mind to achieve your truth. You’ll know when you’ve found it, because it suddenly becomes effortless for your mind to command your body. There is no fight, no struggle, and no war with yourself, because you’ve reached what you know to be your own, personal, individual composition of what your kind of love is. 


Author: EmmaWriteNow

Emma Lunsford is a freelance writer for hire, health and fitness guru, and personal development enthusiast. With over four years of small business management experience, she teaches fresh startup businesses tips and tricks to stay organized right from the beginning and into their success. When she’s not writing for her business or personal blog, she’s in the gym or trying out the latest and greatest healthy recipes.

2 thoughts on “My Law of Love”

  1. How often do you feel and think things only for someone you have only met once to write about how you think about life? So true what you have put in words. And how lucky to have figured this out so young. That person in the mirror is the only person you have to worry about and how they respond in life to be happy. Proverbs 19:8 To acquire wisdom is to love oneself; people who cherish understanding will prosper.

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