Welcome to Finding Harmony

Balancing the BS.


Hello, globe.

My name is Emma, and I’m skipping the small talk.

I’ve been a monster ball of independence since I was five. My biggest fears in life are good liars, cruises, and spiders. I’m an introvert, but I thrive off of deep connections. My parents are the coolest people in the world. I will not let myself around those who intentionally make others feel small; I will love you unconditionally if you treat me with respect and the same kind of love. I value honesty more than anything. Talk down to me and I will talk down to you back. 

I want to achieve the wisdom of my father, the strength of my mother, the intelligence of my brothers, and the kindness of my sister. I’m going to be a successful business woman; I’m going to own a Steinway grand piano. I want to live in a penthouse in NYC, and I want to live on an island in the Caribbean. I want financial independence.

My biggest enemy is myself, but I’m not afraid of failure. 

I need freedom. I need choices. I need open minds.

In the spirit of transparency, I’m starting a blog because I want to be an author. I need to practice my art, so I’m going to write what I’m passionate about. My passion is to find the balance in life necessary to achieve what we all desire: happiness and success, and not one without the other. I will write about what I have learned so far on my journey, and I will search what to write about in order to further it. This blog is not only a stepping stone to my professional life, but my personal one as well.

I will dive into what is necessary to find the balance in life, meaning healthy relationships with people, work, food, exercise, and most importantly, yourself. I will explore the vitality of self-love and how it impacts every aspect of your day. There is no love without freedom, and no freedom without love. Welcome to Finding Harmony.


Author: EmmaWriteNow

Emma Lunsford is a freelance writer for hire, health and fitness guru, and personal development enthusiast. With over four years of small business management experience, she teaches fresh startup businesses tips and tricks to stay organized right from the beginning and into their success. When she’s not writing for her business or personal blog, she’s in the gym or trying out the latest and greatest healthy recipes.

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